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Reframing the TTC Mindset

We’ve talked about why I don’t like using the word “infertility.” That word can become like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Ultimately we become what we think we are - our thoughts become our reality.

So let me shake things up even more. What if I told you that I want to shift the narrative away from TTC, or trying to conceive? Here’s why…. According to this study out of Harvard, you’re 55% more likely to conceive if you’re working on your mindset. (Read more about this here!) And the language around TTC is nebulous, at best.

The definition of trying is: to make an attempt or effort to do something.

And the definition of attempt is: an act of trying to achieve something, typically one that is unsuccessful or not certain to succeed.

So telling ourselves that we are trying to conceive (or TTC) is already framing the process as difficult and unlikely. Let’s flip the script on that and focus on a new, more conscious term - CCC or Conceive, Create, Connect.

Instead of evoking a sense of hardship and difficulty, CCC brings positivity, energy, and a sense of empowerment. Let’s unpack it a little more.

The definition of conceive can mean to become pregnant. But it can also mean to form or devise a plan. So whether you’re pregnant or actively planning to become pregnant, you’re conceiving what’s next and bringing the future into the present.

The definition of create is to bring something into existence. Once you’ve conceived (either a pregnancy or the plan that will lead you to parenthood), the next step is to take action and support what you’ve conceived so that it comes into being.

And lastly, the definition of connect is to bring together. Connections are truly our currency, especially after the pandemic. Connections on your CCC journey can be everything from a relationship with yourself to those with a fertility team, other people on a CCC journey, or (best of all!) the connection between you and your child.

When you realize how critical mindset is along your fertility journey, it’s easy to understand how even the seemingly casual language you use can impact your path to parenthood. So let’s start reframing the way we speak to our bodies from the very beginning.

Welcome to the CCC journey!

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