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Elizabeth King 

Certified Fertility Health Coach & Educator | ICF-Certified Life Coach | CEO & Founder of Fertility Coach Academy®| Host of the Creation Innovation Podcast | psych-K® Facilitator

"Each person is different, and the more you take care of your body and live a healthy lifestyle, the more your eggs will reflect that in a healthy pregnancy," 

Press Features

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Survived A Miscarriage? How To Protect Yourself Whilst Informing Your Employer - According To A Fertility Coach

Top Life Coaches to Watch in 2023


How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant, Exactly?


The 5 Best Fertility Apps For Period Tracking, Family Planning & More


How To Take Care Of Yourself After Ovulation To Help Conceive


Elizabeth King Coaching: Transforming Women into Mothers


When to Tell People You're Pregnant Is a Personal Decision


Every Step Of The IVF Process Explained


Fertility Coaches and Infertility Doulas are Having a Moment Right Now—Here's What to Know About Each


Total Health: Elizabeth King On How We Can Optimize Our Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing

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The sharp rise in egg freezing


Elizabeth King: "Self-care, Meditation, Practicing Gratitude"

Podcast Features

The Joyful Mourning - A Podcast for Women Who Have Experienced Pregnancy or Infant Loss.we
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What to Eat/What Not to Eat When Trying to Get Pregnant

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Egg Freezing and IVF Treatment 

Media Appearances 

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Couple Struggling with Infertility For 4+ Years Has an Update For the Tam Fam

The journey to conceive: don't let fertility take a back seat

Understanding Fertility & Debunking Common Myths


Supporting Men through Infertility

Books & Print

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Naturally Conceived: How To Get Pregnant, Explain Unexplained Infertility And Prevent Miscarriages By Unleashing Your Reproductive Power Even Over 40!

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The Creative Lifebook: Reflections On The Art Of Living A Fully Expressed Life

Topics Elizabeth Can Speak On

Is Your Company Fertility Friendly? 

Creating a Heart-Centered Business

Cycle-Syncing: How to Create a Wellness Routine Based on Your Menstrual Cycle

Women Supporting Women: Turning Your Passion For Health+Wellness Into a Business

Why a Holistic Approach is Your Best Chance at Conception

& So much more! 

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