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Meditation for Fertility

Updated: Mar 12

People walking through a fertility journey have comparable stress levels to those of a cancer patient (according to research from the Mayo Clinic). If you’ve been in my community long, you know this research is important to me. After walking through my own fertility journey and coaching thousands of other women on their path, I have no doubt about the truth behind it. The stress associated with fertility struggles is undeniable. The good news? You can learn to support your body and your mind through practices like meditation. The link between fertility and mindset is strong, but it’s easy to let this slide down our priority list when life gets busy. Let this be a reminder to stop and take care of YOU!

Woman sits with her legs crossed and eyes closed in a meditative position.

Benefits of Meditation for Fertility If you’re anything like me, you want data to support the things you’re doing to cultivate fertility. The stakes feel so high… we don’t want to waste our precious time and resources.

Here’s what the research shows…

And while stress is not the only factor that impacts fertility (certainly it’s much more complex than that!), actively supporting your mental health is an important piece of the puzzle.

How to Incorporate Meditation Practices

  1. My biggest tip is to start small. Don’t expect to begin meditating for 30 minutes a day when you’re new to the practice. This is a learned skill that will build over time. Begin with meditating for just two minutes a day and grow from there.

  2. Find a time that works for you. While a morning meditation is popularly recommended, that may not be the most ideal time for you. Perhaps an afternoon or an evening meditation works better in the rhythm of your day. The point is to meditate whenever you’re able to carve out those sacred few minutes to rest, distraction-free (!!), and allow yourself to just be.

  3. Use a guided meditation to help facilitate a sense of calm and focus. Again, meditation is a practice and your mind will be prone to wander. A guided meditation will keep you grounded and lead you back to yourself.

A Guided Meditation for Fertility As an internationally certified fertility coach and fertility warrior, I am so honored and excited to offer a guided meditation for fertility. This is the meditation I was looking for while I was on my winding journey to motherhood - something that would anchor me when so many things felt out of my control. It’s my hope that you’ll find peace, alignment, healing, and hope in this meditation. You can join me on the journey here!

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