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New Moms Masterclass

Does this sound like you?

You are frantically trying to prep for baby's arrival and have no idea where to start?
You struggle finding ways to reduce the anxiety and stress during this exciting time. 
You don't know how you are going to be able to practice self-preservation in this crazy transition. 

You are not alone

We designed the New Moms Masterclass just for you:

Parental education for first and second-time moms from conception to birth. 
Support groups and positive parenting classes for new parents on every aspect of pregnancy and birth.
Education, community, and support you need right from the start.
As a mom of 3, I realized that I didn't know what I didn't know until I was in it.

I'm here to streamline all your questions and concerns about what to expect. You'll learn how to navigate and even master this exciting time before baby comes!

that motherhood starts before birth.

We believe

A pregnant mom's experience is like nothing else. You're beautifully bloated, you're wonderfully exhausted, you're glowing and not sleeping, and you don't know what to expect. 

The resources that you'll get in New Moms Masterclass will change the quality of your pregnancy and birth.

Join today and start your exciting, snuggly, squishy baby checks journey as a new mom right away with...



Sick of pinning things on Pinterest, scouring the internet for answers and not knowing if you've received the correct information about your pregnancy? Learn from those who have gone before you. Learn from the best!



Get the support you need. Your friends and family mean well, but gaining support from your fellow mamas is so valuable! Mett other moms going through the exact same things you're going through.



Gain access to a community of mamas that are on the same timeline as you. When you purchase the New Moms Masterclass - Expecting edition, you'll be put in a group of women that you can go through life with - share phases, wins and struggles with your littles.

Things we talk about in

New Moms Mastersclass...

Prepping for baby's arrival - what you need & don't
Postpartum health
Inspiration for Natural births
Reducing anxiety and stress
Questions to ask during your hospital tour
Keep your hospital bag simple - necessities & comfort items
How to prepare for the lack of sleep
Freezer meals & prepping for postpartum house chores
Third-trimester checklist

and so much more

Helen, Bristol, UK

I honestly had PTSD from my previous miscarriage and had not yet grieved and processed the whole situation. I was lucky enough to fall pregnant again but I was absolutely terrified of losing this baby too. She understood exactly how I felt and she helped me get though my first 12 weeks until I felt like I could actually breathe.

We can all use a little extra help sometimes.

Fertility journeys can be difficult and expensive. I want to make sure that every mama and mama-to-be can feel supported and loved in her journey. 

That’s why I’ve created the Help One Person Everyday (H.O.P.E) Scholarship Fund to help you get all the support in your fertility journey. 

Keep Calm &
Fertility On

Infertility and pregnancy loss coaching to take control of your fertility journey.


New Moms Masterclass (Expecting)

Parental education to learn how to enjoy new motherhood


Mamas After

A self-paced course for healing from miscarriage and pregnancy loss

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