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Your list of the best fertility resources created by Certified Fertility Coach Elizabeth King to grow your education and knowledge in your fertility journey.

TTC Journey

17 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Not getting the answers you need from your fertility doctor? Let’s change that! Get the most out of your doctor’s appointments with this free list of questions you should be asking your OB-GYN or MFM.

IVF Checklist

IVF can be emotionally and physically taxing. Make the most out of your treatments and optimize your IVF success with this checklist to help you prepare your mind and body.

Male Infertility

Male factor infertility is more common than you think. Discover the things you need to know about male infertility with this free download.

Elizabeth King Coaching - 17 Questions to ask your ferility doctor - Fertility Support
Elizabeth King Coaching - IVF Checklist - Fertility Support - Fertility Coach.png
Elizabeth King Coaching - Male Infertility - Fertility Support - Fertility Coach.png


Baby Essentials Checklist 

Needing to prepare your home before baby arrives? Don’t miss this Baby Essentials Checklist! Create a smooth and comfortable transition from the hospital with this shopping list.

Elizabeth King Coaching - Baby Essentials Checklist - Fertility Support - Fertility Coach.


Positive TTC Affirmations 

Learning how to deal with pregnancy loss? Use these 30 daily positive affirmations to help you move forward from pregnancy grief and loss.

TTC Acronym List 

Curious about the acronyms and abbreviations your infertility doctor and infertility coach use in their appointments? Clear the confusion with a comprehensive guide to common phrases used in the fertility world.

Elizabeth King Coaching - 30 Positive TTC Affirmations - Fertility Support - Fertility Coa
Elizabeth King coaching - TTC Acronym list - Fertility Support - Fertility Coach.png

Fertility Coach

5 Steps to Starting a Fertility
Coaching Business

My 5-step guide will take you through the foundations of starting your own impact-driven fertility coaching business. 

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TTC Journey
17 Q's
IVF Checklist
Male Infertility
Baby Ess. Checklist
Positive TTC
TTC Acronym List
Fertility Coach
5 Steps to String A Fetility Coaching Busines

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