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Fertility Support FAQ

  • What is fertility coaching?
    Fertility coaching covers all the things you wish you had time to ask your doctors and specialists. Fertility coaching can help you navigate difficult options to parenthood with the main goal of becoming pregnant and having a baby.
  • What does a fertility coach do?
    A fertility coach acts as a sounding board when it comes to your TTC journey. While doctors and specialists are available to give medical advice, fertility coaches help with everything else. Topics like stress management, diet, and other lifestyle tips are covered during sessions. My practice is based in California, but I see clients from all over the world.
  • Is fertility coaching for me?
    If you are struggling to get pregnant naturally or you’re navigating through alternative fertility methods, I highly recommend you make fertility coaching a priority with your treatments. Fertility coaching will give you the emotional support, practical advice, and strategies you need to make the next important decisions in your TTC journey. Contact meto learn if it’s right for you.

Find the Support You Need

with Elizabeth King

Check out our self-paced courses to provide you with the proper tools and support you need no matter where you are in your fertility journey.


Keep Calm &

Fertility On

Infertility and pregnancy loss coaching to take control of your fertility journey.


New Moms Masterclass (Expecting)

Parental education to learn how to enjoy new motherhood.


Mamas After

A self-paced course for healing from miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

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