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Keep Calm & Fertility On

Fertility and Pregnancy Loss Support

Does this sound like you?

Feeling shame and guilt for not being excited for pregnant friends and announcements from friends and family members.
You struggle to find the courage to explain to your friends and family how it feels. When you finally do, it feels like no one understands. 
Everyone is telling you "not to stress", but of course, that's all you are doing.

You are not alone

Keep Calm & Fertility On was created to help you throughout your fertility journey and allow you to experience the joy in life at the same time.

The fantastic news is that while going through the program and working on yourself, you are also enhancing your chances of becoming pregnant!

Now it's up to you to take that first step!


Together we'll:
Build an action plan
Learn how to treat your emotions
Ditch the overwhelm
Take control of your fertility journey

"What was once frightening and overwhelming quickly became manageable, do-able and even exciting."

What's special about

Keep Calm & Fertility On?

The mental & physical health support you receive is like no other program on the market.
It is a Mashup between 1:1 Fertility Counseling and a self-taught program.
Gain access to a supportive community experiencing the same fertility struggles you are.
A safe place to receive the fertility help that you need and deserve. 

Patricia, SC

"Elizabeth was a lifeline to me when I was so desperate to find someone or something to help me. I felt like I was broken and she helped me to realize that I wasn’t and that I became whole again. Knowing that she could relate to me was everything to me at the time."

What does the course look like?

Week One:
Lay the Groundwork

  • Lay the groundwork for what is to come in your life.

  • Look at where you are in life, self-care & handling stress.

  • Get in touch with your intuition to help you in decision-making.

Week Four:

  • Learn how to change your state of mind when you, yourself, are going down a not-so-good path.

Week Two:

  • Learn how to deal with all new feelings and emotions. 

  • Set you in a forward momentum instead of letting those feelings hold you back.

Week Five:

  • Learn how to visualize your new learning to make then your reality.

Week Three:

  • Work through society's subconscious messages about fertility & pregnancy.

  • Work to pave the way for new pathways in your brain. 

Week Six:
Get Out There!

  • It's time to get out there with confidence that you can handle anything that comes your way.

Week Seven:
Be Happy!

  • Start your days with a positive outlook on what is happening. It is okay to have fun and enjoy life with your friends and family.

I can not wait to connect with you

If this feels good and right to you, I invite you to join the waitlist. New classes starting soon!

Need more?

There are also additional sessions as follows:
Newly Pregnant but suffering from PTSD?
We walk through the thoughts and fears that surface during pregnancy following a difficult fertility path.
Surviving Pregnancy loss
You don't need to feel that pain alone. There are a lot of questions and feelings that come up when dealing with loss and we are here to support you.
Supporting you through discussions of other alternatives of being a parent. 
Finally, have the baby of your dreams but suffering from Postpartum - it is common with those who have experienced a less than easy fertility to pregnancy but we are here for support.

We can all use a little extra help sometimes.

Fertility journeys can be difficult and expensive. I want to make sure that every mama and mama-to-be can feel supported and loved in her journey. 

That’s why I’ve created the Help One Person Everyday (H.O.P.E) Scholarship Fund to help you get all the support in your fertility journey. 

Keep Calm &
Fertility On

Infertility and pregnancy loss coaching to take control of your fertility journey.


New Moms Masterclass (Expecting)

Parental education to learn how to enjoy new motherhood


Mamas After

A self-paced course for healing from miscarriage and pregnancy loss

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