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5 Tips for Taking a Mindful Break from Fertility Treatments

When you’re on a fertility journey, getting (and staying) pregnant can feel like a full-time job. Doctor’s appointments, loads of tests, and lots of mental and physical stress. Basically, it’s a recipe for burnout. So when a couple wants to take a break from fertility treatments, I respond with a resounding YES! But you can take your foot off the gas without pumping the brakes. What does that mean exactly? It means I believe we can always support the best version of ourselves - even if we’re not actively “trying” for a baby. We can still be mindful about caring for our bodies without stressing about every tiny detail.

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Here are my top 5 tips for taking a mindful break from fertility treatments:

  1. Enjoy a balanced relationship with food. Supporting your body is not an all or nothing practice. Restriction can lead to stress and anxiety. Instead, incorporate habits like sitting down and taking a breath before a meal, focusing on blood sugar-balancing and anti-inflammatory foods (I love leafy greens, high quality olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish!), and tuning in to what foods make your body feel best. Hot take - I think it’s perfectly okay to enjoy a daily cup of coffee and an occasional glass of wine or cocktail while on a fertility journey. Of course, always check in with your own medical provider to determine what’s best for you.

  2. Practice active rest. I don’t mean mindlessly scrolling social media or even watching a favorite show. Find ways to actively support a restful state in your body through things like meditation, journaling, grounding, or gentle movement (think yoga or a long walk)..

  3. Explore your hobbies. A fertility journey takes up a great deal of time and mental space, so activities you truly enjoy can be pushed down the priority list. Find ways to make time for hobbies you enjoy or even pick up a new hobby to tap into joy and play.

  4. Connect with friends and family. If your fertility journey has left you feeling lonely and isolated - know that this is very common! During your break from fertility treatments, plan to intentionally reconnect with the people in your life who fill your cup.

  5. Seek professional support: While doctor’s appointments can feel stressful and draining, seeking out supportive help from trained professionals outside of your clinic can play a key role in your mental and physical health. This could mean an acupuncturist, chiropractor, holistic nutritionist, or a fertility coach. You can read more about building a fertility support team here!

I fully believe that your fertility journey should be about adding things to support a healthy body rather than taking away or restricting. So allow yourself the opportunity to take a break and disconnect from the stressors of a fertility journey, and prioritize deeply nourishing and caring for your well being. Keep in mind, what you do in the 120 days prior to an egg retrieval can have a big impact on your egg health. Allow yourself to take a break while still leaning in to the practices that will serve your body (and eggs!) best.

If you’re interested in an extra layer of support without the stress, I would love to coach and guide you. You can learn more about my 1:1 coaching program and book a call with me here!

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