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"Elizabeth has been a Godsend. She came recommended by an associate who promised the investment would be worth it. Boy was she right. Upon “meeting,” she felt like a forever friend and she’s helped guide and support me during my process to become a mother.


She’s responsive, fast, encouraging and flat-out cares about her clients she treats them more like loved ones. She’s my fertility cheerleader! I’d choose to meet and work with her again and again and hope we remain, friends, long after I become a mommy. If you’re wondering if there’s value in a service like this, stop today and call her. You won’t regret it. "

Heather, St. Louis 

“I contacted Elizabeth a few days after losing my 4th baby. Apart from me wanted so badly to just crawl under my sheets but I was terrified for my relationship that if I did that would just make things harder for me. I finally got the courage to ask for help and I wish more than anything I would have done it sooner. But I believe wholeheartedly that everything happens in God’s time. 

She was a lifeline to me when I was so desperate to find someone or something to help me. I felt like I was broken and she helped me to realize that I wasn’t and that I became whole again. Knowing that she could relate to me was everything to me at the time. I highly recommend anyone who is experiencing loss or has in the past but has not processed it that they work with Elizabeth.”

Patricia, SC

“Elizabeth made me realize that it’s okay for me to grieve for my babies when I need to but it also helped me find the courage and strength to pick myself up and move forward. The fact that I knew she had been through miscarriage as well made me feel more comfortable speaking to her.


She could describe my exact feelings and pain that I was having based on her own experience and this was such a wonderful moment for me to know I was not alone. Elizabeth had such an impact on how I planned out my next steps and I am so much better for it - we would not be where we are today without her sincere love and support.”

Caitlin, SD

“I was at a low that I didn’t even think was possible when a friend of mine referred me to Elizabeth, I didn’t really even know what to say to her when we first met and she comforted me even in the silence and then we cried together - she was a perfect stranger, I knew she “got me” from that moment. I knew that she was the help I needed to heal my heart.


She was so comforting in explaining things and helping me process what had happened not only for me but my spouse as well. I can not thank her enough for being there in a moment that I was so broken and she helped me get to the other side.”

Christina, TX

“As I prepared, mentally and physically, for my sixth round of IVF, Elizabeth supported me in ways I didn’t know I needed. I sought a second opinion for the first time ever. I enhanced my nutrition considerably. I focused on my mental health. And I had her support as I advocated for myself in a process that can be overwhelming and isolating. 

Throughout, she was a text message away. It was so helpful to work with someone who GETS IT so completely.”

Marisa, Washington DC

“In October 2020, I decided to open up about our infertility. Also, In October you reached out to me and offered support, mentally. Your voice message had me in tears and I felt grateful that someone out there understood me. Every month on CD1, I cried. I failed, failed and failed again to be a mom. I was afraid and ashamed to open up to my family and friends. We’ve been TTC for 2.5 years and I was exhausted.

In December, I finally contacted a fertility specialist and scheduled an HSG and SE for this month. But before that, our doctor prescribed me 100mg Clomid, which seems pretty high dose. I was afraid at first. 

On January 1st, I woke up with a hangover feeling (didn’t drink alcohol at all). I didn’t suspect anything. A week later, I decided to take hpt and I got BIG FAT Positive results.”

Derina, LA

“When I first spoke to Elizabeth on our first call I was stunned on how much I could relate to her. I honestly had PTSD from my previous miscarriage and had not yet grieved and processed the whole situation. I was lucky enough to fall pregnant again but I was absolutely terrified of losing this baby too. She understood exactly how I felt and she helped me get through my first 12 weeks until I felt like I could actually breathe…I could not have survived without her because she helped me so much with my anxiety and fear and held the space for me to feel joy when I couldn’t do it myself and I will forever be grateful for that. Please connect with Elizabeth - she is worth it for your healing and she understands where you are because she has been in your shoes.”

Helen, Bristol, UK

“When Elizabeth found me, I was in a dark place. I just found out that after 3 losses, and our first round of IVF, all of our embryos came back abnormal. I felt stuck, depressed, ready to throw in the towel and retreat. Elizabeth’s course has completely changed me, my life, my relationship with my husband and daughter, my way of thinking, and my happiness. I consider myself in the best spot mentally I have ever been in my infertility path. Her support, lessons, exercises, and the ability to have group calls have been a saving grace. I am so thankful to be apart of this sisterhood of such supportive wonderful people.” 

Daizi, NY

“This course was extremely helpful while going through my journey. Elizabeth helped me through getting pregnant, my anxiety while being pregnant and unfortunately my miscarriage. Her course was my favorite part of the week. Tapping into my thoughts and feelings and finding areas I needed to work on myself would help me continue on my journey with a new mindset and attitude. The other women in the group and I created such a special bond that will carry on after the course. If you’re looking for help, guidance and support, this course is highly recommended!”

Kelsi Burley, CA

“Elizabeth King is such a kind, caring, and empathetic life coach. As someone who’s never had a life coach before, I did not know what to expect. Elizabeth took the time to explain it to me, and that she can shape her job to fit me and what I am looking for. It ended up being a great decision for me. With the pandemic going on and a lot of lifestyle changes, Elizabeth has been there for me through all of my highs and lows. When I had a crisis situation, she called me and checked up on me throughout the day and kept seeing how I was doing afterwards. She truly is the most compassionate, personable, and kind life coach ever!”

Kelly L, San Diego

“I LOVE Elizabeth King!!! I recently took her 7-week course of “ Keep calm & Fertility On”. It was the best thing for me. I am new to this Infertility world. I had so many questions and had no place to start. I had only one family member (that I knew of) who has gone through this and she told me to search Instagram. When I did, I found Kelsi (@myjourneywithivf). She was saying Everything I was thinking. She had just met with Elizabeth and was raving about her. I found Elizabeth on IG, and literally a minutes later, she and I were talking. This class taught me the power of positivity, it gave me a close-knit community, and an outlet to discuss the emotions of infertility. Infertility is more than just a failing body, it’s a mind and soul transformation. Elizabeth helped me and my other soul sisters with this. You have to take this class! You have to meet Elizabeth. It will change your world.” 

Amanda Fuentes, CA

“Working with Elizabeth throughout my fertility journey has been a game changer.  I started working with Elizabeth after my first IVF cycle failed.  I was at a very low point, and was fearful of trying again.  Elizabeth gave me the courage and confidence that I needed to approach a second cycle.  She taught me the tools to move forward, and was there every step of the way providing support and guidance.  Surprisingly, I was much calmer throughout my entire second cycle – and this cycle was successful!  I have no doubt that working with Elizabeth played a huge role in my success.”

Lindsay, CA

“Before Elizabeth I never heard of an infertility coach. I had little to no expectations, but knew that I needed the added, unbiased support especially in times of COVID-19, along with expertise navigating infertility and the various and confusing treatments. Throughout my coaching with Elizabeth I felt that she was vested herself in the process that I was going through. Although our calls are weekly, Elizabeth goes beyond the calls to ensure that I know she is supporting me and I can ask questions along the way. I really enjoy my conversations with Elizabeth and she provides extensive value as it relates to infertility, the treatments, and self preservation throughout the process. I am thankful to have Elizabeth by my side and know I will be a mother of two in the near future! I look forward to my continued sessions with Elizabeth.”

Tracy, PA

“Holistic Healthy Happy Life Coaching saved my life. I had experienced changes in my life that were affecting my mood and ability to function. Holistic Healthy Happy Life Coaching helped me work through what I was feeling and now I’m on the path to feeling healthy and productive once again”

Sandy Williams, Orange County

“Working with Elizabeth helped me gain the clarity and answers I had been seeking for years. Her step by step approach was not only practical and meaningful, but spiritual as well. Her guidance, suggestions, and “homework” allowed me to focus on my issues with insight, purpose and hope. What was once frightening and overwhelming quickly became manageable, do-able, and even exciting. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who wants to improve each and every facet of their lives. She has been the catalyst for deep and profound change in my life, and I am forever grateful. “

Robin, Montreal, CA

“A session with Elizabeth is unlike any other type of therapy I have experienced. It is more like talking to a trusted friend. Her compassion and insight based on her own life experience is very relatable and has helped me through many difficult days. Her calm and reassuring demeanor allows me to see problems in a new and different perspective. I always walk away from sessions with Elizabeth feeling light, free, and hopeful for the future.”

Jessica, Santa Monica

“I will be forever grateful for Elizabeth’s emotional, mental, and spiritual support in helping me overcome my feelings of inadequacy. Failure was such a huge reoccurring theme in my life, and through her compassion, practical exercises, an expert insight and advice, I am now living the life I know I deserve."

Anonymous, Anaheim Hills, CA

“Infertility is a learning process. We think the end goal is a baby, but really it is so much more than that. As much as possible, it is helpful to know this and be open to it. I now know that coaching is very helpful - even essential - to realizing these larger transformations. Elizabeth understands and is there always with an open heart while also helping you see the larger vision for your life. “

Julie M, Phoenix, AZ

Samantha, CA

“Elizabeth was great. She was warm and knowledgeable. I left our session feeling like I had gained insight and also help with an action plan moving forward. So nice to not feel alone in this.”

“Elizabeth was great. She was warm and knowledgeable. I left our session feeling like I had gained insight and also help with an action plan moving forward. So nice to not feel alone in this and walking away with feeling more calm and at peace with my journey.”

Kelly, CA

​“Elizabeth has been an angel in my life. It is because of her that I FINALLY found a doctor that I'm happy with.


She's held my hand through my journey, always knows what to say, and never forgets to check on me. Everyone experiencing loss or infertility needs someone like Elizabeth by their side.


Support like hers makes such a big difference.”


"When you are going through fertility treatments, you want tips and advice, but you also just want someone to listen and empathize with how you feel. As someone who has been through this journey herself, Elizabeth was able to provide all of those things and made me feel more empowered to keep going even though it is hard"

Jessie, NYC

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