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10 Ways to Save for IVF If You Can't Afford It Right Now

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

10 Ways to Save for IVF If You Can't Afford It Right Now |

Saving for any sort of medical treatment can be so tough, let alone IVF. It can be quite the hefty price tag! Some families feel like they have to choose between buying a house or having a baby, and I want you to have the freedom to feel like you can do both.

I had a chat with Joanne Wetzel—a Certified Money + Mindset Coach—to bring you ways you can save for IVF with a few other tips on how to kick debt, build wealth, and create financial freedom. Here are the things she recommends you do. To learn more, click here or below to listen to the podcast episode.

Check your insurance provider.

Before you go into any other options, do your due diligence and check your insurance. Even if you live in a specific state, be sure to contact the people in your insurance state to see what they can offer you. If you're not covered under insurance right now, check a few of the options below.

See where you can reduce spending.

Little things add up every month. Whether it's a trip for coffee or getting your nails done, see where you can re-prioritize your spending and apply changes. You might be surprised how things add up!

Bundle different services and insurance providers.

If your car and home insurance are separate, look into bundle options at other companies to see where you can save. Services like cable, internet, and cell phone can also be bundled to save money.

Sell what you can.

If you haven't used something for over six months, consider selling it. Electronics, furniture, kitchen gadgets are all fair game for being sold on NextDoor or Facebook Marketplace. It's also a great way to declutter and create more space in your home.

Downgrade your car.

The average monthly car payment for a new vehicle is $500-$800 per month. When it comes radically saving for IVF, this can be a great option. Consider downgrading your vehicle or paying in cash for a used car to save for IVF.

Increase your income.

Many times, it might not a spending problem. There could be a need to bring more money. If your company allows, consider options for overtime. If you have time outside of your work, consider a contract position. Do you bring a lot of value to your company? Look into preparing for a raise! Have unique talents and skills? Start a side hustle where you can monetize them!

Sell merchandise through Amazon, Society6, or Bonfire.

Consider crowdfunding in a fun way with t-shirts, a puzzle, or other creative projects. Many people in your community are willing to donate, so find a way to ask!

Host an auction.

If you live in a town with some great local businesses, consider reaching out and hosting an auction. This is a great way to raise awareness and donate towards your goals

Consider crowdfunding.

Depending on your comfort and circumstances, many people in your community are willing to be generous and donate to your circumstances. Put together a GoFundMe page or other crowdfunding page where people can come together to support you.

Apply for IVF Grants & Scholarships.

FertilityIQ is a great resource of grants and scholarships for IVF. Some offer full or partial scholarship depending on your income level or other factors. Others offer discounts. Looks into applying to scholarships and see where your circumstances might apply.

Saving for IVF is possible. It can be emotional, it can take a lot of time, and there are many variables, so find ways where you can save with your resources before considering a loan. If you need someone to chat with and get support about your IVF situation, click here to reach out to me for a free consultation.

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