Fertility & Miscarriage Coaching

Don’t go through fertility and miscarriage alone. I've personally learned from my own fertility journey that there is a need for support going through the experience of getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and navigating pregnancy loss. My greatest wish is to help support you as you navigate through your journey.

Here are a few things we’ll cover together in your session:


How to cope with infertility or loss.

We’ll take time to discuss your current state, where you want to be, your ultimate goal, and what your ideal process is to reach your goals. Together, we’ll make a plan with resources and dates and identify your unique list of questions to bring with you to doctor’s appointments.

How to treat yourself with kindness.

In our sessions together, we’ll identify what is going on with your body and how it’s not your fault. You’ll learn tools to inspire positive shifts, new routines, and create daily rituals that encourage fertility and help you release guilt and shame.

How to build confidence in your fertility journey.

Feeling like you’re the only one who’s dealing with what you are? I’m here to tell you that you’re not the only one. You’ll learn to find community, connect with other women in your community, and even learn to be your own advocate in the process.

Get the support you need in your fertility or motherhood journey.

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Find the package below that best suits your needs and budget. If you’re unsure of where to start, book a free discovery call with me to learn which one to choose.

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After choosing your session type, feel free to book a time most convenient for you on my calendar. I’m here for you whenever you’re ready for your first coaching call.

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Once you schedule your first session, we’ll be in touch on an ongoing basis to schedule future calls depending on your needs and goals.

Coaching Sessions Staring at $97

Schedule a FREE discovery call so I can learn about you and your needs.


On-Demand 1:1 Mini Session 

Book a 20-minute call with Elizabeth.


On Demand 1:1 Session

Book a 50-minute call with Elizabeth.


Package of three sessions

Book three 50-minute sessions with Voxer communication support

(lasts 4 weeks)


Package of six sessions

Book six 50-minute sessions with Voxer communication support

(lasts 7 weeks)

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Schedule a FREE discovery call so I can learn about you and your needs.


Kelsi Burley, CA

“This course was extremely helpful while going through my journey. Elizabeth helped me through getting pregnant, my anxiety while being pregnant and unfortunately my miscarriage. Her course was my favorite part of the week. Tapping into my thoughts and feelings and finding areas I needed to work on myself would help me continue on my journey with a new mindset and attitude. The other women in the group and I created such a special bond that will carry on after the course. If you’re looking for help, guidance and support, this course is highly recommended!”

**Custom packages can be created and priced based on need.**

Please email elizabeth@elizabethking.com for pricing.