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Why Your Medical Baseline is Important for Fertility

One of the four pillars of my Creation Continuum (the secret sauce of Fertility Coach Academy®) is Medical. Essentially, it’s all about understanding the medical baseline for yourself or your client so you can make educated decisions and spot any issues early on. Without a medical baseline, you’re essentially walking the fertility path in the dark without a plan.

What is a Medical Baseline?

A medical baseline shows current health status as well as indicators of future health. It establishes a basic roadmap for the fertility journey and determines areas where additional support is needed through diet, lifestyle upgrades, and supplements. Finding a provider who will help you determine this medical baseline early on (not just after that one year mark!) is so important!

Advocate for Blood Testing

Blood tests are a key piece of the fertility puzzle - and critical in understanding your medical baseline. It can feel overwhelming (and often expensive) to know which tests to run and when. I’ve put together a guide of the top 3 blood tests/panels I recommend to my coaching clients and Fertility Coach Academy® students here. And when it comes to interpreting lab results, you can use this post as a reference point!

Assemble a Strong Fertility Team

A comprehensive fertility team can help you address all the facets of your physical, mental, and emotional health in an intentional way. One of my big dreams is that no one going through a fertility journey will ever have to walk alone. And a fertility team provides that wraparound support. This is who I recommend having on a fertility team.

Establishing a medical baseline empowers the decisions you make. It’s not about following fads or a protocol that worked for your neighbor. It’s about gathering data and customizing a plan for you to restore optimal health and support fertility.

If you need help getting started, be sure to download my free guide on 17 questions to ask your fertility doctor.

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