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Practicing Mindfulness in Chaos

Mindfulness is a big piece of the puzzle on a CCC journey. But it can often feel very nebulous and hard to implement. One of my most popular podcast episodes was with my friend Joesphine Atluri, a mindfulness coach (and an IVF mama!). Let’s dive into the highlights of our conversation, and be sure to tune into the whole episode here!

What is Mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Mindfulness is simply being aware and present in the moment. Present with yourself, your environment, and other people. So often we are pulled in a million different directions so we’re never fully present (or mindful) with anything we do!

Why Waking Up 15 Minutes Early Isn’t for Everyone

Have you ever been told to just wake up 15 minutes earlier to incorporate a mindfulness practice into your routine? But if you’re a parent or struggling with broken sleep, waking up 15 minutes early may not be a practical option. (Kids are typically the alarm clock in my house!)

The key is to find a time that works for YOU. Are you a night owl? Do you typically enjoy a few minutes to yourself during the lunch hour? Start a mindfulness practice then! Add it to your calendar, set a reminder in your phone, and make it a non-negotiable part of your day.

Start Small

15-20 minutes of meditation and journaling can feel very overwhelming, especially if you already have a packed schedule. The key to making this practice actually work for you is to start small. Even just two minutes to start! Work your way up in small steps toward a habit - a lifestyle.

Behind the Scenes with Josephine Atluri

Josephine Atluri is an expert in meditation and mindfulness, helping thousands of people overcome adversity to find joy. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Josephine coupled her consulting background with her passion for total wellness to become certified as a meditation coach and teach corporate mindfulness.

Plus, her experience creating her modern-day family of seven children via In Vitro fertilization, international adoption and surrogacy inspires her work as a highly sought-after fertility and parenting mindfulness coach.

Don’t forget to tune in to the full episode with Josephine here. And read more of my mindfulness tips here, here, and here!


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