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The Truth About Self Care

August is National Wellness Month, and it’s easy to get swept up in the self care hype. Don’t get me wrong - I absolutely believe in the importance of caring for yourself. But I don’t believe that a bubble bath or a pedicure will be what truly restores you.

My views on wellness have been shaped so heavily by my fertility journey, and I’ve learned the material things being thrown at us won’t serve us in the long term. The path to healing is oftentimes winding and much messier than what we see on social media. Here’s what I believe will cultivate true wellness in our lives:

  • Create healthy habits & hold yourself accountable: Rather than thinking of self-care as a form of punishment (exercise hard, stop eating certain foods, wake up early, etc.), I prefer to shift the narrative to adding enjoyable and sustainable practices to my routine. This could look like gentle movement, taking a few deep breaths before diving into a nourishing (but still tasty!) meal, and daily journaling. These practices allow your body to drop into a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state, which regulates your stress levels (among many other benefits!). And to hold myself accountable to these practices, I set alarms on my phone throughout the day to remind me of these important priorities.

  • Overcome limiting beliefs: The power of our subconscious mind and its impact on our mental and physical wellness is remarkable. Without even realizing it, we may be caught in a system of self sabotage brought on by years of unhealthy habits, thoughts, and behaviors. Did you know it is possible to reprogram your subconscious mind?! I recommend learning more about Psych-K and how that approach can support life changing shifts to health.

  • Follow your heart toward service to others: Even if we’ve never met, I can almost guarantee that you have a heart for helping others. Something about a fertility journey softens us in ways we never expected, and allows us to empathize at a deep level. I invite you to lean into those tugs on your heart and find ways to move your feelings into action. This could be dropping off a meal to a friend in need, sending a note to another fertility warrior after a tough appointment, or diving deeper into how your passion can serve others on a larger scale (like through Fertility Coach Academy!). As you care for others, you may be surprised at how much it nurtures your own soul too.

Let’s make the goal of National Wellness Month (and every month!) to cultivate a life that fosters true health - not just a Band-Aid approach that will only leave us grasping for more. If you’re ready to dive deeper or need help getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out - I’m on this journey with you!

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