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Aligning with Your Human Design with Sara Bacon

Are you an Enneagram fan? Myers-Briggs? Or even astrology (one of my personal favorites)? There are so many incredible ways for us to dig deep into who we are and what we are meant to do. And if you haven’t heard of Human Design yet, I’d love to introduce you!

I had the opportunity to sit down with Sara Bacon of Hi Def Humans to chat all things Human Design, including what it is and how to practically apply it to your own life and purpose.

I’ve included some of the highlights from the episode here, but don’t miss pressing play on the whole thing here!

What is Human Design?

Human Design is based on your exact birth time and location. That will tell you your type (I’m a Manifesting Generator) and your Authority (the way you make decisions). Sara considers Human Design to be a roadmap to our personal intuition - an inner guide. She believes it’s how we are wired and designed to interact with the world around us, and can help us determine how to use our energy in a way that will be most supportive to us.

You can get your chart here!

Practical Ways to Use Your Human Design

Here are some of Sara’s favorite ways to use Human Design in real life:

  • Use a Daily or Weekly Menu: Build a list of everything you need/want to accomplish over that day or week. Then, from that list, choose what to do next based on what feels most aligned and expansive to you in that moment.

  • Create a Shine List: This is a fun one! Write down everything that lights you up. Things that you could do for hours without tiring of it. I love to keep a running list in the notes app on my phone. Then plan to add more of those things (whether it’s professional or personal) to your life!

I love that every type of personality test or reading that I’ve done points me to supporting mothers and fertility. Fertility Coaching is truly aligned for my soul!

  • Remove the “Not-Self” Parts of Your Life: Your Human Design also reveals what’s called your “Not Self” - or the things that cause you to feel stuck or frustrated. Take an inventory of the things in your life that weigh you down, and work to strip those things away. Sara believes that we live in a win-win universe where it best serves the whole when each of us are living in alignment with the desires of our soul.

About Sara Bacon

Sara is the founder of Hi*Def Humans - a company built with the desire to equip humans to live as their brightest, most fully defined selves. She helps individuals, families, small groups and businesses accomplish this through the tool of Human Design and with readings, guides, teachings and events.

Sara is a 1/3 Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority (also a Gemini and Enneagram 7), answers to the nickname “Glitter," loves fancy dinners and dive bars equally, and believes that becoming our most whole and alive selves is the very best gift we can offer the world.

Be sure to tune into the full episode here, then subscribe, rate, and review the podcast for a chance to win a free gift!

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