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How to Know If You’re Ovulating - and other FAQs about Ovulation

Healthy ovulation is critical for conception, but understanding your fertile window can feel like a mystery. Luckily, there are tools we can use to track ovulation to ensure your body is functioning optimally.

How do I know if I’m ovulating?

  • BBT Charting: Your basal body temperature (or BBT) is captured within the first minute of waking. (I like this BBT thermometer!) Your BBT will dip then rise to indicate ovulation. Ideally, women should ovulate between days 12-15 for the healthiest corpus luteum that will be able to produce the most progesterone after ovulation.

Charting can show:

  1. Low BBT (consistently below 97.8), which could indicate a thyroid issue

  2. When to test progesterone

  3. A short luteal phase (less than 12 days) which could indicate a hormone imbalance

  • Cervical Mucus: The consistency of cervical mucus changes throughout a woman’s cycle. Cervical mucus that is wet, thin, and raw egg white consistency indicates the most fertile window as it’s ideal for sperm motility.

  • Other signs of ovulation: Some women may also notice signs like increased libido, abdominal cramping, and bloating.

WIll an ovulation tracker help me conceive?

Whether you are looking for better ways to better understand your menstrual cycle, predict your most fertile days, or discover a community to support you, fertility/ovulation trackers can help.

Clue, Ovia, Glow & Fertility Friend are my favorites, but there are lots of great ones to choose from!

When should I use an ovulation predictor test?

Ovulation predictor tests (I like these!) are another great way to track your cycle. They work well in conjunction with ovulation trackers/fertility apps to help you better predict your most fertile days. If you have a 28 day cycle, you can begin testing as early as days 10-11 (around four days before anticipated ovulation). These tests tend to predict ovulation 24-48 hours prior to an egg being released.

What do I do if my ovulation isn’t optimal?

If you find that you’re not ovulating or that you have a short luteal phase (making it more difficult to get pregnant) - don’t panic! I share lots of tips on my blog for balancing hormones and supporting fertility. I recommend starting here!

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