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How I Got Pregnant Naturally After 40

Ready for a quick snapshot of my journey to motherhood?

I tried to freeze my eggs when I was 30 years old after getting divorced, but my doctor told me it wasn’t a fit. Fast forward to 36, and I was finally able to go through the egg retrieval process and froze 11 eggs.

My mindset was, “I have a 401k to ensure my financial future, so why not freeze my eggs to ensure the future of my family?”

When I turned 39, I had a fibroid surgery that would help me get pregnant naturally and what do you know? I got married at 40, pregnant at 40, and had my first baby at 41! But my fertility journey didn’t end there. I had two miscarriages - one between each of my first two babies. Before having my third child at age 44, it was finally time to revisit the 11 eggs I had frozen seven years earlier. But when the eggs were thawed, none of them were viable. All of that preparation and I couldn’t even use them! I was heartbroken.

After all that, you may be wondering what did work for me to be able to naturally conceive and deliver three healthy baby boys - and all after the age of 40!

How I Got Pregnant Naturally After 40

  • Supplements & Anti Inflammatory Diet: I was deeply committed to my supplement routine (you can read more about some of my favorite supplements for supporting fertility here!) and an anti-inflammatory diet. With the help of my fertility team, I determined the supplements and foods that were best for my body and baby. Some of my favorite anti-inflammatory foods are leafy greens, avocado, wild caught salmon, and nuts/seeds. There is no one-size-fits-all diet, so I recommend working with a fertility coach and/or dietician to ensure you’re fueling your body with the right foods for you.

  • A Supportive Care Team & Self-Advocacy: I was fortunate to be able to surround myself with an excellent care team, and get second (and even third!) opinions if something didn’t sit right. I was meticulous about data tracking and knew my body inside and out. This helped me to be able to listen to my body’s cues and advocate for myself when determining my care path.

  • Mindset Work: Above all, the work I did around mindset was what served me most in my journey to motherhood. Although I was over 40 and just trying to start my family, I didn’t let the numbers affect me. Almost to the point where I thought that I was 18 months younger than I was! I remember writing down my age on a form, and I listed that I was 42. My husband had to gently remind me that I was about to turn 44! That just goes to show how far removed from age I was through the whole process. I truly blocked out anyone who told me that age would be a factor to conceiving, and I know that made a world of difference.

Although my story is unique in so many ways, it has the same flavor as so many on a fertility journey. Highs and lows, fears and hope, grief and joy. My road to motherhood changed the course of my life, and led me to becoming a fertility coach and ultimately creating Fertility Coach Academy so I can teach others to do the same.

If you’re in the thick of your CCC (or TTC) journey, know that there is hope and support for you. And if you’re envisioning how to integrate fertility coaching into your own career path, I would love to invite you to download my guide on 5 Steps to Starting a Fertility Coaching Business. It’s completely free and the best place to start laying the groundwork with the tools you’ll need to create (or expand on!) a fertility coaching business of your own!

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