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3 Steps to Offering Fertility Coaching in Your Business

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

I've been a Certified ICF Life Coach for over 10 years, and it wasn't until my own fertility journey that I realized how many women were needing the support they weren't receiving from their healthcare providers.

It prompted me to specialize in supporting the TTC community specifically—to help them figure out fertility options, learn strategies to communicate with their loved ones, and find hope and meaning in their experience with someone they trust. It also led me to starting the Fertility Coach Academy, an online program that helps people like you support people going through the TTC process.

If you're curious about offering fertility coaching as a part of your business or becoming a full-time fertility coach, here are the things I recommend you do to offer services as a part of your business.

Hone in on Your Strengths

Women who are trying have been a part of my business and my life for years, and it's been life-changing to support them in something they desire so much. Though I love the work I get to do, I remind myself every day that it's something I can't and shouldn't take lightly. Being a part of someone's emotional and physical health journey is a huge responsibility!

As a fertility coach, your client's health is paramount, so it's in everyone's best interest to offer services that align with your knowledge, expertise, and strengths.

What have you spent years learning that people ask you for help for? What are topics you spend your time researching in the fertility and TTC space? Whether it's nutrition, pre-natal exercise, or life coaching, be sure to know where you have the most experience, be sure to know your strengths and interests so you can create the most valuable offers and sessions for your future clients.

Figure Out Your Fertility Coaching Offers

Once you have a good idea about your strengths and interests, it's a good time to start thinking about your fertility coaching offers. What is it that you can offer that can best-serve your future client?

Group Sessions

Some clients will want to work in a group setting to learn from the women and couples around them. Some might want to work with their partner. However small or large your group sessions are, they are a great way for clients to connect with each other and build a community they might not have around them.

1-on-1 Sessions

Some clients will prefer to work with you in confidence or just receive more personalized support. Whether it's a quick check-in before a doctor's appointment or a series of sessions, 1-on-1 coaching is a great way to connect with clients long-term.

Self-Paced Courses

TTC and miscarriage can be very emotionally difficult, so some clients will want to figure things out at their own pace. What classes or courses can you offer where your clients can work through on their own? What homework can you give where they can truly benefit from your knowledge and expertise?

Whatever you offer, make sure you figure out what is the best fit for your client and come from a place of service and care.

Build Trust with Your Clientele

There are many women trying to get pregnant and very few fertility coaches. You won't be surprised to find potential clients who might even be your next-door neighbor! Marketing matters, but the number of clients you build ultimately comes down to trust and experience.

You need to develop strong relationships with your clients in order for them to trust you with their fertility process. Be communicative, have a calming presence, stay up-to-date with their foundational labs, tune into current research, and remind them that everything they share is in confidence with you.

Want to Offer Fertility Coaching in Your Business?

If you want to offer fertility coaching in your business, be sure to join me in my next Fertility Coaching Academy Session. It's free to join, and I'll give you the rundown over how I've built this business and where you can start. Click here to find our next session.

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