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My 5 Top Tips for Exercise While Trying to Conceive

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Exercise while TTC can get confusing. Which workouts are best? How much is too much? Is exercise while trying even important or helpful? While everyone's needs and experiences are different, in general, it's important for everyone to move their bodies in ways that support their short-term goals of pregnancy and long-term goals of health & wellness. Below are five general tips for exercising while trying to conceive.

My 5 Top Tips for Exercise While Trying to Conceive |

Find ways to move you feel excited about.

When you're looking to prioritize your health when you're trying to conceive, it's important to find activities that you actually enjoy doing. Consistency over intensity is key, so you'll want to find an exercise routine that supports your health and interests.

These days, there are lots of options for pre-pregnancy workouts. Long walks and running are great for cardio health. Moderate strength training like Pilates or barre is great for building muscle tone, balance, and endurance. You can also stretch or do yoga, which is designed to help you increase flexibility and help you relax. Click here for my podcast episode about the benefits about yoga for TTC and pregnancy.

Whatever you do, choose activities you enjoy and aim for 30 minutes of movement a day.

Have a partner? Move with your person!

If you're with a male partner, encourage movement together as one of a few ways to boost his chances of becoming a dad. While experts warn against intense exercise and the use of testosterone/steroid supplements for semen quality, studies have shown improvements in sperm count and fertility with regular, moderate exercise.

Some activities I recommend are long walks to maintain cardiovascular health or yoga to improve your flexibility together. Bonus? Activities you do together free of TTC talk can also be a great way to spend quality time with each other and build a stronger connection.

Don't exercise excessively.

Excessive workouts while TTC can be counterproductive. Listen to your body's needs.

If you feel exhausted, you can't get a good night of sleep, or you have excessive muscle or joint pain, it might be a good time to listen to your body and slow down. Excessive exercise can push your body to exhaustion, which could lead to lower energy and higher stress levels—disrupting your body's important ovulation functions.

Your workouts should help support your long-term health goals and your transition to pregnancy, so the rule of thumb is if you're having trouble with the ability to talk through workouts, you're excessively sore, or you're just not enjoying your exercise routine, dial back the workouts and find other ways to move that feel better for your body.

Check-in with your doctor.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to TTC and their exercise routine. Symptoms from PCOS, obesity, or IVF can cause complications with your workout routine, so be sure to check with your doctor when it comes to your exercise and pre-pregnancy diet and supplement plan.

Having trouble being consistent? Be gentle with yourself.

When you're first starting to think more seriously about your health, it might be difficult to be consistent in your movement routine, so be gentle with yourself. Now might be a good time to reflect in your TTC journal.

Why does it feel hard right now? Are you experiencing physical pain? Do you need to make adjustments to your schedule to make it more enjoyable? Are there modifications you can make to your movements that will support you right now?

Be gentle with yourself, and listen to your body. Remember that modifications are a sign of strength.

Need support that you might not be getting from your doctors? Reach me for a free discovery call so I can support you with your goals.

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