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How to Connect With Your Feminine Energy

Happy International Women’s Day to you! As we honor the achievements of women and work together toward a more equitable future, I thought it was the perfect time to dive deeper into our feminine energy and how that relates to fertility.

As humans, we all have a blend of masculine and feminine energies within us. You may see this displayed in the Yin and the Yang symbol. However, the demands of life tend to leave women living much more heavily in their masculine than their feminine. We are pushing our bodies to work in 24 hour time frames rather than flowing with the nature of our cycles. And when it comes time to conceive, this can create a block. Your energetic balance is a key piece of the fertility puzzle.

Here are examples of how feminine and masculine energies manifest:

So often, we want to check all the fertility boxes by doing - eating all the “right” foods, taking all the “best” supplements, and seeing all the top doctors. In those acts of doing (which are certainly valuable), we often overlook the value of just being.

Whether or not we’re on a journey to conceive, it’s important for women to reconnect with their feminine energy.

Here are my top five favorite ways to restore balance in your feminine energy:

  1. Spend time in reflection: Making space to journal and simply be can feel almost impossible sometimes. But it’s an essential practice to reconnect with your inner feminine. Join my free journaling challenge if you need help getting started with this practice. And start small! It’s okay to start with just two minutes a day and grow from there.

  2. Get dressed up: This might feel silly and even frivolous, but there’s something about putting on your favorite outfit and carving out the time to get ready for you (not for work or a meeting or dinner with the in-laws) that helps you tap into your feminine energy.

  3. Connect with nature: Spending time outdoors without distraction is a wonderful way to slow down and reconnect with your flow. This could look like grounding (touching the earth) first thing in the morning, going for a long walk, or tending to your yard/garden.

  4. Tap into creativity & play: When life gets busy, we often abandon the things that bring us joy and make us feel playful. Find your way back to these things. This might look like painting, going to a local pottery class, cooking a decadent recipe, or dancing to your favorite song. Allow yourself to enjoy these things regularly, and release any guilt from not feeling “productive.”

  5. Allow yourself to receive: When we think we can “power through” all the demands of life, we push our bodies further into a masculine state of energy. Instead, make a point to allow yourself to receive too. This could look like asking for help (or accepting it when it’s offered), receiving a compliment without deflecting, or allowing someone to care for you (or spending extra time caring for yourself!).

One of the four pillars of my fertility programs is restoring feminine energy. While it’s not the only focus, it’s a critical aspect of supporting our bodies for optimal health and allowing ourselves to create and conceive. Let’s celebrate our womanhood and unleash the beautiful feminine energy within us.

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