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12 Gift Ideas for a Friend Struggling with Infertility

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

When a friend is struggling with infertility, it can be emotionally, physically, and financially difficult. Whether you're a friend, family member, or fertility coach, treat her to helpful, thoughtful gift ideas that will make her feel loved and seen.

Self-Care Gift Ideas for Infertility

Everyone deserves a little self-care, especially when going through the stress of infertility. Below are a few thoughtful gift ideas for your friend so she can prioritize her wellness.

Self-Care Kit

Help your friend prioritize her wellness with a luxurious self-care kit filled with products like candles, face masks, body scrubs, tea, chocolates—anything she would love that reminds her that she matters. Use the code XOFAMILY15 for 15% off your first gift box.

Personalized Journal

Journaling is a great practice for someone currently trying to conceive with little success. With so many benefits to journaling, it's one of the first things I recommend to women who have recently gone through a miscarriage or trying.

A personalized journal is a thoughtful thing your friend can use every day. is a great small business to customize notebooks. Find your favorite colors, patterns, and customize the inside to fit their needs. It'll be the perfect spot to write down positive TTC affirmations, write down their feelings, and track their cycles.

Fertility Kit

If you know your friend well and she's excited to get back to optimizing her fertility, The Fertility Kit by friends at Magnolia Wellness is a great, thoughtful gift option that includes Active CoQ-10, The SoulShine Ovary Elixir, Ultimate Prenatal by Magnolia Wellness, a seasonal candle, and Palo Santo bundle.

Personalized Sessions with a Fertility Coach

I've had clients in the past who have kindly gifted over sessions to their close friends and family members who are also going through infertility. This provides a space for them to comfortably, openly speak about their struggles.

If your loved one has heard the benefits of fertility coaching, consider gifting her a series of sessions to work together with a coach. Contact me to learn more about how to gift fertility coaching sessions.

Great Heating Pad and Ice Pack

If you have a friend going through IVF treatment, chances are that she's familiar with PIO injections. Help her make it a bit easier with a great heating pad and a high-quality ice pack, so she can have them ready and be more comfortable.

Infertility Gifts They Can Wear

A great way to acknowledge her struggles and share your love in a thoughtful way is to gift things she can wear or bring with her every day.

Positive Vibes Socks

Etsy has a great selection of fertility-themed socks so she can look down at her feet and be reminded that she's strong and loved.

Rainbow Jewelry

Keep it sweet and personal with a rainbow ring or necklace that keeps her hopeful of a bright future and Rainbow Baby.

Thoughtful Phone Case

If your friend has suffered a miscarriage, a thoughtful gift is a rainbow phone case that reminds her of a hopeful future.

Gift Ideas for Couples Going through Infertility

Infertility can put a strain on couples and relationships. When finances, scheduled sex, and the waiting game are on the table, it can be difficult carrying on with normal life feeling happy, fun, or excited. One of the best things couples can do is put aside consistent time to have a date night free of TTC talk. Below are a few ideas you can gift them:

Restaurant Date Night

Get your couple a gift card to their favorite restaurant, so they can re-kindle the spark and enjoy conversation over their favorite meal.

Movie or Theater Tickets on You

If they're always in the know about the best things to watch at their local theater, grab their tickets to a movie or show for a night out.

Cooking Class or Meal Kits

Cooking and eating together is a great way to bond. Find their local Sur la Tab or another spot that offers cooking classes, so they can make learn and something delicious together.

Another option is a prepared meal kit at home like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or even a prepared cheese board from a local cheese shop or fine foods deli.

Couples Massage

Help them relax with a spa day getaway. Get credit to their local spa, so they can treat themselves to couple's massages, manicure/pedicure, or facials.

The Most Impactful Gift Could Be...

Most importantly, the most impactful gift you can offer is yourself. Watching a friend or family member go through infertility, miscarriage, or fertility treatment is not easy, so offer your support by being a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or someone they can reach when they're struggling to do their normal tasks. Here are my recommended ways to support someone after miscarriage.

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