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What is a Fertility Coach + a Day in the Life

Can I share a bit of my story with you? On the outside, you may look at me and see a mama with three healthy littles. What you don’t is the experience of IUI and IVF, countless tears, and multiple miscarriages that brought me here.

In my fertility journey, I realized the importance of having a strong support system. I learned I had to knock on many doors until I was able to find someone who would advocate for me. Maybe you’ve experienced something similar.

You may have an amazing medical team, but they aren’t always equipped to support your mental and emotional state.

As a woman walks out of a fertility clinic, we walk in as a coach. And we’re there to help you shift your mindset. To encourage you to come to the table different than you were before. To empower you to write your own story.

While physicians are there for the medical diagnosis, fertility coaches are there for everything else.

As a fertility coach, I focus on the following four pillars:

  • Medical: Including the basics of fertility, understanding lab work, and reproductive technology

  • Mindset: Including supporting mental health, stress management, manifestation, and overcoming self-limiting beliefs

  • Wellness: This covers diet, supplements, exercise, and more!

  • Feminine: So many of us lean heavily on our masculine energy to “power through” the stressors of life. I work with my clients on tapping into their feminine energy to support a healthy pregnancy.

If you’re here, you have something to give to others. Your story. Your experience. Your empathy and authenticity. All the knowledge you’ve gained along the way.

And if you’re curious about what a day in the life of a fertility coach looks like - here’s how I start my days:

  • Wake up and thank God for my blessings and reminding me of my purpose. I ask for guidance to help make an impact on the world.

  • Then I do breathwork of some sort and work through any emotions that come up. If you need help getting started with breathwork, this is a great video! You can also just search “breathwork meditation” on YouTube.

  • Next comes gratitude journaling where I list five things I’m thankful for.

  • I read my future manifest statement. This is a way to visualize and say out loud what you want to have for your future. I set an alarm on my phone every day to remind me to read my own statement, which includes living in Italy as a family one day!

  • Then I review my calendar for the day again and set an intention for each person on my calendar and do a meditation and visioning for them.

  • I connect with Mother Nature in some way - touching a plant, hugging a tree (for real!), or get my feet on the earth.

  • Then I dance for 60 seconds and make my way to Starbucks for my tall (in a venti cup!) iced Americano with one pump of white mocha and extra ice. I’ve been ordering the same thing for 20 years! With my drink in hand, I head back to my home office and start my meetings.

Pouring into myself to start the day makes me a better coach (and mom/wife/human!). And it reminds me of the “why” behind what I do - the driving force behind my business. If you’re feeling called to use your story and experience to serve others, then check out my free guide - Five Steps to Starting a Fertility Coaching Business. It lays out the foundation of starting your own business and the nuts and bolts of what you’ll need to launch. Check it out (just click here!) and be sure to send me all of your questions. And I’d love to know YOUR why - so be sure to share that too!

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