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How to Support Your Clients Through a Miscarriage

I am 1 in 4.

I have lost a baby to miscarriage

Statistics tell us that 1 in 4 known pregnancies will end in a miscarriage. But we know those babies are so much more than a number… a statistic. They represent answered prayers and fulfilled dreams. So when a loss occurs, it’s important that the parents have the support and resources they need to navigate this heartbreaking path.

As a fertility coach and the creator of Fertility Coach Academy® , I’m sharing my top 3 tips for supporting clients through a miscarriage:

  1. Allow yourself the time and space to heal: In a world that praises hustle and “bouncing back,” it’s all too easy for women (and their partners) to feel the need to get right back to their routine after a miscarriage. But from an emotional standpoint, they are grieving a death that has occurred without explanation. From a physical one, they’re navigating painful and often unknown symptoms. It’s critical that they take the time to honor the needs of their mental and physical wellbeing. And while the time to rest won’t take away the grief, it’s an important part of the healing process. If your client needs help speaking with their boss about their miscarriage, you can find my tips in this Forbes article.

  2. Find a supportive community: If they’re working with you - they already have your professional support and the tools/resources that you can provide. This is an incredible start. However, I also recommend finding a support group (either online or in person) that can provide a mutual understanding of the miscarriage journey and navigating the next chapter. Postpartum Support International has a network of online support groups, including those who have gone through pregnancy or infant loss and fertility challenges.

  3. Practice Deep & Nourishing Self-Care: When someone experiences a loss, they’re also experiencing one of the lowest moments of their life. Depression and anxiety after a miscarriage are common. It’s important to encourage your clients to be gentle and kind to themselves. There is no blame or shame in miscarriage. Their bodies are sacred vessels that deserve to be cared for through nutrient-dense foods, hydration, gentle movement, and meditation/mindfulness. Accepting help from others and seeking counsel from mental health professionals are other forms of self-care that are often overlooked.

While we hope that our clients never have to face loss, it’s important to be prepared if they do. Feel free to point your clients to this free guide of affirmations after loss, and send me a DM if you have other miscarriage-related resources to share!

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