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How to Find Community During Your TTC Journey

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Going through infertility and miscarriage isn’t easy, and the early days are often the hardest and the loneliest.

That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who get it! My greatest wish is to help support you as you navigate through your journey. Doesn't it just feel so much better when you have people around you who understand? But where do you find these people? How do you cultivate meaningful, supportive relationships?

I recently had a conversation with Eloise Edington at @fertility_help_hub, founder and editor of the Fertility Help Hub, an online resource, podcast, and community app. We chatted about what it was like to finding a community while trying to conceive and how to build a support group.

Meet Eloise Edington from Fertility Help Hub

When Eloise and her husband were unable to conceive, they discovered that her husband had Klinefelter Syndrome, a condition where men are born with an extra X chromosome. This syndrome usually results in reduced muscle mass, facial hair, and body hair. It also means low testosterone, so sperm count is little to zero in the semen.

Considering parenthood was something both she and her husband wanted, they both considered IVF. After deciding on a donor and a few rounds of treatment, Eloise and her husband are now parents of three.

Her Experience Finding Community

When going through this journey, Eloise found it difficult to find people that she could relate to. Eloise found that knowing at least one other person who had donor children was a comfort to her. She wanted other women to be able to make these connections and also find accurate resources and information.

Eloise created the Fertility Help Hub which consists of a podcast, a website with resources and tips, and a community app so people can connect with others sharing similar struggles.

From This Episode

Join us in this episode as Eloise tells us more about the Fertility Help Hub and how she was able to make the community that she wished she had during her journey. From community phone apps to social media, we chat all things about how IVF Warriors can find others to chat with going through a similar experience where they can share stories, resources, free expert tips, and mentorship from women who understand.

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