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Eating With Your Cycle with Kate Morton

In this episode of the Pretty Little Tribe Podcast, we are joined by Kate Morton, a registered dietician and founder of Funk It Wellness.

Kate spent 10 years on birth control from age 14 to 24. When she finally went off of it, she was experiencing PMS symptoms for the first time, and they were intense. As a dietician, Kate started to do her own research to get her cycle back to normal.

That’s when she discovered seed cycling, where you eat certain types of seeds every day depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. After just a few months, Kate found her painful PMS symptoms started to go away.

Kate was so impressed with the results of seed cycling that she created her own business, Funk It Wellness, to make seed cycling easy and accessible to anyone that wants to try it.

Join us this week as Kate answers all our questions about seed cycling and learns how the foods we eat affect our cycles.

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