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Allowing Yourself to Feel While TTC with Fertility Coach Monica Bivas

Allowing yourself to feel while TTC is not easy when you're going through the process. Click to learn from Fertility Coaches Elizabeth King and Monica Bivas on how you can properly grieve and feel your emotions from miscarriage and TTC so you can heal and move forward trying to conceive.

Allowing yourself to feel while TTC is not easy when you're going through the process. Trying for a baby can be a very emotional experience. When you're trying with no luck, it can feel easier to just block it all out and let everything happen without the stress of dealing with how you're actually feeling.

I recently had a conversation about this with fellow fertility coach, Monica Bivas. It's always a treat whenever I get a chance to chat with infertility coaches. There aren't many of us, so it's always a pleasure chatting with other people in the industry.

During our conversation, we had a chance to chat about her journey to motherhood and the start of her fertility coaching career.

Monica's Journey to Motherhood

Monica had never planned on having children until she met her husband and his daughter from a previous marriage. (Fun fact: from!) Spending time with her step-daughter sparked her maternal instincts.

When she started trying for a baby at 32, she did not realize it would be such a difficult journey. Through IVF treatments, Monica was able to have a healthy baby girl.

When they tried for another four years later, her baby was stillborn. Monica tried to push away the grief and fill the hole in her heart by trying for another baby right away. This only caused her more pain and loss. She had to learn how to properly grieve and feel her emotions so that she could heal.

Through her work and her books, Monica creates a safe space for people to fully experience their feelings, good or bad, and believes your mindset plays an important role in your fertility journey.

Becoming a Fertility Coach

Many fertility coaches get started with their careers because they're able to utilize their own experiences to help other women and couples in their hopes of having a family. I personally got started as a Fertility Coach after figuring out that I really needed someone who understood what I was going through with IVF and my multiple miscarriages.

That's exactly the case with Monica as well.

As a fertility coach myself, I see our work as a necessary aspect of the TTC journey helping mothers and couples figure out what's best for their families. My hope when speaking with clients is that they feel like they can have someone they trust with their feelings during the experience.

I hope you enjoy listening to my conversation with Monica. If you want to see more of her work through coaching, speaking, and book like The IVF Planner: A Personal Journal to Organize Your Journey Through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with Love and Positivity, find her at Monica

If you think you could use your experience to help others, a career in Fertility Coaching might be for you! Cick below for my free guide on how to become a successful Fertility Coach.

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