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Top TTC Tips Before You Start IVF

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

If you're considering TTC through IVF, there are a few things you can do before you start to increase your chances for a successful cycle. IVF can cost people a lot of money, so make sure you're doing the things below before you start to improve your odds.

TTC Tips Before You Start IVF:

Limit your drinking.

Before you start the IVF process, I highly recommend you limit your alcohol to only a few glasses on the weekend, or better yet, stay away from it entirely. Alcohol has been shown to cause ovulatory disturbances and hormone imbalance among other issues. My recommendation is to have you and your partner choose water as your main beverage choice and stay hydrated.

Quit tobacco use & smoking.

Smoking can be the culprit for women's inability to get pregnant. Studies have shown that female smokers undergoing IVF have a 30% lower chance of pregnancy compared to women who are non-smokers. Smoking can also decrease sperm count and increase abnormally-shaped sperm in men. For higher chances of a healthy pregnancy, I recommend laying off the tobacco use as soon as possible before you go through IVF treatment.

Take supplements.

There are many foods with vitamins and minerals that can increase the chances of fertility, but supplements and prenatal vitamins ensure your body has everything it needs to prepare for conception. Look for omega-3 fatty acids, folate, selenium, vitamin D, DHEA and other doctor-recommended supplements.

Move your body.

Exercise is a huge component of staying healthy, especially when it comes to fertility. Just 30 minutes of movement a day can increase blood flow to important reproductive organs and reduce cortisol to improve your chances of fertility. I recommend yoga, long walks, or other low-impact activities to get your blood moving.

Need someone to help you through the process? Grab your free IVF Prep Checklist or book your consultation call with me so we can figure out what questions we can ask your doctors and specialists.

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