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The #1 Thing I Recommend Doing After Having a Miscarriage

If you've experienced a miscarriage this year, I understand how the months afterward are especially difficult. It's a unique kind of suffering. Those months can feel isolating for so many people, and my heart goes out to you if you've struggled through this painful experience alone.

There are so many reasons why miscarriage can feel so lonely. If you've experienced early pregnancy loss, there's this painful feeling of secrecy. Maybe only a handful of people knew you were pregnant. Your grief is hidden, you feel like you're the only one, and you experience loss alone. If you've experienced later miscarriage, maybe it feels like other people don't understand.

Add on the stresses of short doctor appointments? Seeing other friends and families birth their quarantine babies? Maybe you feel like you're putting a burden on others with your problems when there are things like losses, lay-offs, and difficulties other people are experiencing.

If you've suffered through a miscarriage this year, I want to make sure you know that whatever feelings you're experiencing, they're 100% valid and you are not overreacting. Experiencing loss and pretending to be okay doesn't have to be the way you go about dealing with your miscarriage.

If you're still struggling to find peace after your miscarriage, I want to recommend the #1 thing I wish I did when I experienced pregnancy loss: find someone you trust so you can feel seen & understood. The one thing I've learned from my own experience is that everyone can benefit from a chance to process difficult feelings with someone who understands. There's so much beauty in having time to let go of the heavy weight you're carrying and come away feeling more hopeful about the future.

The grief & healing process can look different for everyone, but the trauma that surrounds miscarriage can come up in many ways beyond this day, month, or year. Miscarriage isn't something you should walk through by yourself. If you need someone to chat with, I have space for your 20-minute discovery call.⁣⁣ Click here to book yours.

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