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Finding Balance in the New Year

The anticipation of a new year is upon us, and while I love the excitement that comes with a fresh start, I also know how easy it is to become overwhelmed by what’s before us. Whether we’re looking to grow our families, level up our careers, improve our health, or all of the above, it can often feel daunting to take on new goals when so much of our to-do list from the last year remains unfinished.

So how do we find balance in our lives so we can successfully focus on our priorities and continue on our path of growth? I sat down with Kelley Nemiro from Wellness by Kelley to chat more on this topic and get an inside look at how her business was born. Read on for some of my favorite takeaways, and be sure to tune in to the whole episode here!

What is Balance?

Balance can seem like an unattainable goal, but it all comes down to recognizing your values and acting in alignment with them. This also means letting go of toxic mindsets (like perfectionism and hustle culture) and establishing healthy boundaries rather than aiming to please others.

When you’re acting in alignment with your values, you’re able to prioritize your time in such a way that you find joy, connection, and presence in your day to day life.

Top 3 Tips for Finding Balance

So how do we get started on this journey to find balance? Here’s what Kelley recommends:

  • Name your top three values for the season you’re in right now (ex: family, health, and career). Know that these values may shift as time goes on, but narrow down what feels most important today.

  • View your to-do list through the lens of your top three values. If anything on your list doesn’t align with those core values, then it’s time to delegate the task, reschedule it for a later date, or drop it from your list entirely.

  • Know the difference between plastic and glass balls. There will be times when multiple aligning priorities are in conflict. Know which things in your life are plastic and okay to be dropped (like a non-urgent work call) and which things are glass and deserve the highest priority (like a milestone moment in your child’s life).

Kelley says, “If you feel comfortable and confident and you can trust yourself in what you're doing day-to- day, it completely changes the game and how you experience your tasks, your to-dos and the list of things that come at you every day.”

Behind the Scenes with Kelley Nemiro of Wellness by Kelley

Kelley is a certified health coach and founder of Wellness by Kelley. Knowing how daunting it is to take your health into your own hands, Kelley provides help to her community in an affordable and sustainable way to set women up for success in their personal health journey. She finds her purpose and

fulfillment in helping women find a sense of balance in their life and feel better than they ever have before.

Don’t forget to tune into the full episode with Kelley here, then subscribe, rate, and review the podcast for a chance to win a free gift!

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