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Mother's Day Gift Guide by Elizabeth King

Our Mother's Day Gift Guide is here! We love Mother's Day because it's a great time to care for the moms in your life who could use a little love and self-care. Share your appreciation with the mothers and moms-to-be in your life with something thoughtful and special just for her. Below are a few thoughtful gift ideas so she can prioritize herself.

Personalized Journal

With so many benefits to journaling, it's one of the first self-care practices I recommend to everyone. Moms might say they're too busy to journal, but it's a great practice for anyone who is trying to stay in tune with their emotions and identity. If anything, they're great for jotting down random notes throughout her busy day!

Get it personalized just for her through, a great female-owned small business that customizes notebooks and other lifestyle products. Find your favorite designs, choose your font colors, and customize the inside to fit their needs.

Theragun Mini

From work to household chores to the daily stresses of life, every mom I know could use a massage. Driving to the local day spa for a regular massage might not be in the cards, so try an at-home solution. Treat her to something she can use every day like the Theragun Mini or Theragun Wave Solo Massage to help her work out aches and pains in her body.

Turkish Throw Blanket

Encourage her to cozy up on the couch with a soft throw blanket she can use while watching TV or reading a book while you take care of her everyday tasks.

Spa Treatment + Childcare

If the moms in your life could use some time away, gift a relaxing treatment from their local spa for a mani/pedi, facial, or massage. If you know she can't be away too long from the babies at home, be sure to include childcare options.

Soft Slippers

Keep her comfortable at home with a new pair of cozy, super-soft slippers that she can wear inside or out.

Cloud Cotton Robe

Treat her to a beautiful robe with a relaxed, comfortable fit she can wear at home when she's getting ready in the morning or winding down at night.

Self-Care Kit

Help a new mom in your life prioritize her wellness with a luxurious self-care kit filled with candles, face masks, body scrubs, tea, and chocolate. This is great for new moms who might prefer to stay home with their new babies for their spa treatments.

Coffee Warmer

Know a mom who's just gotten used to cold coffee? Keep her coffee hot with a temperature control mug that's designed to keep her coffee at the temperature she actually enjoys drinking her coffee.

Date Night: Activity or Restaurant

Help her prioritize her relationship with a thoughtful date night. Whether it's a meal at her favorite restaurant or a fun planned activity like a cooking class, couples massage, or walk on the beach, get her out of the house to reconnect with her partner and enjoy her time outside her parental duties.

Interlocking Necklace

Who would say "no thanks" to a gorgeous piece of jewelry? Find her a great everyday piece that she'll look forward to wearing and goes with everything in her wardrobe.

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