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Top 3 Coaching Tips from a Certified International Fertility Coach

You’ve landed here for a reason. Do you believe that?

It’s no coincidence that your journey led you here. Maybe you’re a fertility warrior like me. Or maybe you’re passionate about empowering women on their journey to motherhood (also like me!). Whatever the reason - you’re one of my people and I’m glad we found each other!

Women often reach out to me and tell me their stories, but hesitate when it comes to taking that story and using it for a bigger purpose. Something about bringing others into the fold can feel intimidating and even a little bit scary.

Here’s what I tell them….

The world needs you and your story!

The passion you have for helping others is not by accident. You have what it takes to support other women on their journeys (I talk more about that here!). The tools for becoming a fertility coach can be taught. It’s the passion and heart behind it that has to come first.

If you’re curious about what it takes to move that passion into a heart-centered career, I want to let you in on some of my favorite coaching tips. We dive deep into these topics and so much more in the Fertility Coach Academy (FCA) so there’s no guessing around what to do or how to get started.

Here’s a sneak peek into my best tips for coaching others:

  • Active Listening: As you listen without judgment to your client’s story, you’ll want to summarize and mirror what the client has said to create clarity and rapport.

  • Explore the Issue: Before moving toward solutions, you’ll want to help your client lay out all the components of the issue(s) they’re facing to truly address the root causes.

  • Overcome Blocks: Through active listening and fully exploring the issue(s) at hand, you can support your client in resolving any blocks, fears or insecurities that are getting in the way of achieving their goals.

It truly nourishes my soul to connect with and lead women through one of their hardest experiences. The path that led me to this space was not an easy one, but I’m grateful to be able to use my story for a bigger purpose. If you’re interested in learning more, I encourage you to head out for a walk or curl up with a cup of tea and listen to this episode of my podcast with Tess Kosow, a graduate of FCA and a true warrior. She will inspire you to lean into your passions and take the next step on your journey to a vision-centered life!

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