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How to Go Easy on Yourself with Infertility

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Learn how Tara Clark from @modernmomprobs learned how to go easy on herself while experiencing infertility.

Infertility comes with so many physical and emotional struggles. More often than not, women deal with many of the feelings alone and isolated.

I've talked about my journey with infertility at length in posts like 3 Ways I Got Through Difficult Infertility Struggles and Can Postpartum Depression Happen to Me? In the hopes of expanding more conversations around infertility, we're making an effort to share more stories and experiences featuring other women.

I recently had a conversation with Tara Clark from @modernmomprobs, content creator, mother, Founder of, and author of Modern Mom Probs: A Survival Guide for 21st Century Mothers.

The Start of Modern Mom Probs

Tara started her career at Nickelodeon overseeing social media for Nick Jr. and Nick@Nite. She launched Modern Mom Probs in 2017 with the hopes to authentically connect with other moms, and her community is now near 700K women.

In April 2021, she published her first parenting book. Her work can now be found "in prominent publications including Buzzfeed, Today,, Romper and Yahoo Life". (, 2021)

Experiencing Infertility

When Tara married her high school sweetheart, everything was going according to plan. They wanted to try for kids before 30, so when she fell pregnant on their first try, she thought everything was going perfect. Until she experienced her first miscarriage on her 29th birthday.

Pregnancy After Infertility

After two more miscarriages, polyp removal, unexplained infertility, three IUI’s, and a whole lot of bargaining with a higher power, Tara’s three-year journey finally resulted in a beautiful baby boy. As blessed as she is, Tara still remembers how alone she and her husband felt during this journey, so she created a space to share her own story of motherhood and connect with other moms who are having similar experiences.

From this Episode

In this episode, Tara talks about her journey of both loss and infertility and how she learned to go easy on herself. Click here to listen to this episode of the Pretty Little Tribe Podcast and make sure you rate us five stars wherever you're listening.

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