Fertility Support

Are you struggling with Fertility & Pregnancy Loss? 
You are not alone.

 I am here for you. Something here, short and to the point that Elizabeth has successful courses to bring women back to a place to try again and be fertile.


Getting you the support you need now & providing you with the tools for the future.

My passion is seeing you through your toughest times, whether it be infertility or the throes of newborn life & seeing you come out a stronger, more self-aware, positive person.

Having an understanding of what you're going through will be the most powerful tool in your toolbox. That's why I created programs that walk you through Infertility and pregnancy loss, becoming a new parent and healing after a miscarriage.

Kelly L, San Diego

“Elizabeth King is such a kind, caring, and empathetic life coach. As someone who’s never had a life coach before, I did not know what to expect. Elizabeth took the time to explain it to me, and that she can shape her job to fit me and what I am looking for. It ended up being a great decision for me. With the pandemic going on and a lot of lifestyle changes, Elizabeth has been there for me through all of my highs and lows. When I had a crisis situation, she called me and checked up on me throughout the day and kept seeing how I was doing afterwards. She truly is the most compassionate, personable, and kind life coach ever!”


Keep Calm &

Fertility On

Infertility and pregnancy loss coaching to take control of your fertility journey.


New Moms Masterclass (Expecting)

Parental education to learn how to enjoy new motherhood.


Mamas After

A self-paced course for healing from miscarriage and pregnancy loss.


What is the difference between working with a fertility coach and going to a fertility clinic ?

A fertility coach

  • is someone who provides physical education, emotional guidance, and ongoing support in one’s fertility journey.
  • services offered by a fertility coach can range from functional nutrition, acupuncture, and licensed therapy depending on their field of expertise
  • they are typically popular amongst women who are struggling to get pregnant or have previously gone through miscarriage.
Fertility coaches work alongside clinics, doulas, and physicians for the client/patient’s goals. Fertility coaching isn’t limited to a set standard, so services offered by fertility coaches can vary from coach to coach. Each fertility coach provides their own strengths and expertise, so it’s important to do your research on each fertility coach to make sure they’re a good fit for you and your goals. Fertility clinics
  • typically offer services like fertility assessments, treatments like IVF and egg freezing, and gynecological care. Their goal is to provide you with the technology to map out your next steps.
At Elizabeth King Coaching, our goal is to provide emotional support, practical tools for anxiety and stress, and help you feel confident in your plan for the future. We want to make sure you go into your doctors and clinic appointments feeling educated and supported, so you can make the right decisions for you with confidence and without confusion. While fertility clinics and fertility coaches help you towards the same goal of building your family, the services each offer can differ. Both fertility clinics and coaches can be incorporated in your family-building plan for fertility success.

Is fertility coaching for me if I’m single?

Fertility coaching is for anyone who is looking to start their family. If you’re single, we will discuss your best assisted reproductive technology (ART) options for starting your family and provide ongoing support as you’re pregnant. If you’re with a partner, we will discuss topics like male factor infertility and how to keep a strong relationship when you’re trying to conceive.

How long does it take to get through your infertility courses?

I have two courses that address infertility and miscarriage support. Keep Calm & Fertility On is a 7-week program that’s part group fertility coaching, party self-guided. Mamas After Miscarriage is self-paced, so you can work at it in your free time when you’re ready to spend intentional time to start your healing process.

Do you have any case studies of women getting pregnant after working with an infertility coach?

Yes! Feel free to browse what other women have to say about working with me.

Looking for FREE Fertility Resources?

Find free infertility resources from Certified Fertility Coach Elizabeth King. These downloads are here to help grow your education and knowledge in your fertility journey.