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Become a Fertility Coach FAQ

What does a fertility coach do?

A fertility coach is someone who provides physical education, emotional guidance, and ongoing support in one’s fertility journey. The services offered by a fertility coach can range from functional nutrition, acupuncture, and licensed therapy depending on their field of expertise, and they are typically popular amongst women who are struggling to get pregnant or have previously gone through miscarriage. Fertility coaches work alongside clinics, doulas, and physicians for the client/patient’s goals. If this excites you and you are ready to become a fertility coach, check out our Fertility Coach Academy course.

Where do you receive training on how to be a fertility coach?

To become a fertility coach, various courses are available online. These courses range from group courses to self-paced courses, so you can work on modules and lessons one-by-one on your own. Students of the Fertility Coach Academy learn self-paced, convenient for their time and schedule. They’ll go through six modules that cover topics like the female cycle, foundational fertility supplements, thyroid health, functional tests, endometriosis, ethical issues, business tools, and much more. By the end of the program, you are certified through the Fertility Coach Academy. If you are looking for further education, please contact Elizabeth King directly.

Can I offer fertility coaching in my business?

f you’re passionate about helping women start their families, you can absolutely offer fertility coaching in your business. Fertility coaching is a rewarding job, though it takes training, dedication, and hard work to be a part of someone’s emotional and physical health journey. Click here to learn the three steps to offering fertility coaching in your business.

I’m not an RN, doctor, or therapist. Can I still become a fertility coach?

You can absolutely still become a fertility coach. The beauty about fertility coaching is that you can leverage your strengths, interests, and expertise to serve your client. As a coach, your client's health is paramount, so it's in everyone's best interest to offer services that align with your knowledge, expertise, and strengths. Whether it's nutrition, pre-natal exercise, or life coaching, be sure to know where you have the most experience, be sure to know your strengths, so you can create valuable offers for your clients.

How does the fertility coaching certification work with the Fertility Coach Academy?

Credentials can vary with fertility coach training based on background and interests. I created the Fertility Coach Academy—a step-by-step guide to creating a successful Certified Fertility Coaching business—so you can use your credentials and skills to start your own fertility coaching business.

What topics are covered in your fertility coaching program?

My fertility coaching program Fertility Coach Academy extensively covers six modules with bonus content:

  • Module 1: Fertility Basics
  • Module 2: The importance of mental health infertility
  • Module 3: Understanding your client’s bloodwork
  • Module 4: Preparing your client’s body for pregnancy
  • Module 5: Fertility strategy sessions
  • Module 6: Reproductive Technology
Each module is split up into subsections to help you easily split up your learning for the week.

How long does it take to get through your infertility courses?

I have two courses that address infertility and miscarriage support. Keep Calm & Fertility On is a 7-week program that’s part group fertility coaching, party self-guided. Mamas After Miscarriage is self-paced, so you can work at it in your free time when you’re ready to spend intentional time to start your healing process.

How long does it take to complete your fertility coach training?

The Fertility Coach Academy is split into six modules + bonus content. If you complete one module per week, the estimated completion time is six to seven weeks.

Do you cover topics like PCOS and male factor infertility in your fertility coach training?

Yes! The modules in the Fertility Coach Academy cover an extensive range of topics like PCOS and male factor infertility. Learn more about the topics in the program and see if you’re a good fit for the program by applying here.

Is everyone accepted into your fertility coach training program?

The Fertility Coach Program was created for anyone who is interested in becoming an infertility coach. Before starting the program, please contact Elizabeth to apply and make sure you’re a great fit.

Do I need prior coaching experience to become an infertility coach?

I created the Fertility Coach Academy for anyone who has a desire to grow a business from home that creates a positive impact and allows for a consistent income. If you don’t have prior coaching experience, but you’re passionate about helping people, this program is still for you! Prior to starting the course, please contact Elizabeth to apply and make sure it’s a good fit.