We will empower and motivate you to use your intuition and understanding of self to make better decisions, to pursue entrepreneurship, to heal your relationships, increase your fertility and to accomplish your personal goals.

Elizabeth King life coaching begins with a holistic approach.  We work with you to make small changes in every area of your life that will lead to big results!  All aspects of your life DO matter to achieve success and we will uncover what is preventing you from living your best life.  

Average Number of Sessions: 6 

Sample Fertility/Miscarriage Goals:

- Discuss your current state and where you want to be and what your ultimate goal is and what your ideal process is to reach that

- Make a plan with resources and dates to hit them by

- Define your unique list of questions to bring with you to appointments 

- Identify that what is going on with your body is NOT YOUR FAULT

- Learn tools to inspire positive shifts, new routines, and creating daily rituals that encourage fertility

- Learn to release shame and guilt  

- Connect with other women in your community

- Learn to be your own advocate


Sample Life Coaching Goals:
Learn to make and honor daily routines

- Learn to set healthy boundaries with others 

- Learn stress management techniques and how to identify stress
- Learn to practice gratitude
- Learn to be deliberate in your actions
- Learn to identify unhealthy patterns and people in your life and how to change the patters and manage your people from love
- Find balance in your life

Not sure which one is truly right for you?

Reach out and we’ll talk about it.



  • 20 Minute Discovery Call  - Free

  • On Demand 1:1 session (60 minutes each) - $227

  • Package of 3 sessions (60 minutes each) + Voxer communication support - $599, must be used within 2 months

  • Package of 6 sessions (60 minutes each) + Voxer communication support - $999, must be used within 4 months 

  • Custom monthly packages - Priced based on need



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